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ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAND SHOES' best feature is their durablility.


Elkhide stays soft, but wears like iron; and Hand Shoes have no seams across the work face to wear out. They're work gloves, and as such, not for everyone. Are they warm? Yeah, but not like mitts. Can you tie flies in them? No, but you can change a spark plug.

"The most durable work glove we have had the pleasure to use"

"Just what everybody who works outside was looking for. Long after this year's high-tech designer gloves have gone, Hand Shoes will still be here working."

"Your gloves are the best! 6 years of tough use before the liners wore out and I got a hole in one finger on my first pair. Talk to you again in a few years."

"So – now I have handshoes again and no longer feel naked – which is not a good thing in Idaho"

"Warm, comfortable and tough, Hand Shoes have me covered."

"Nearly everyone in our professional and volunteer ski patrol now owns a pair of Rocky Mountain Hand Shoes. These people have very high standards for the gear they use patrolling and there is only high praise for your product."

"After heavy use as a professional ski patroller for +/- 8yrs, it is time for a new pair of gloves."

"Hand Shoes are the only gloves worth having."

"We love your product."

A Few Customer KUDOS:


Fit: Ideally, snug across the palms and a touch long in the fingers. As HAND SHOES stretch around palms and fingers, finger length will shrink some. Fit and flexibility come quickly with wear. Take your time; break them in. Our guarantee stands.


Care and feeding: Break your new HAND SHOES in with the boot dressing of your choice. Use oil to condition and soften; use wax to waterproof. Many products contain both. Too much wax conducts cold. I like Nor-V-Gen® and Montana Pitch Blend®. Condition your gloves anytime they get dry, especially after getting soaked. Avoid the quick-dry. You’ll be amazed at the abuse they can stand, but more care is better.

And -- don’t forget to put your name in them.


Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Rocky Mountain Hand Shoes, return them within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Feel free to return them worn. We sell broken in Hand Shoes for extra.

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