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Just like that, they're gone...

If I can get more supply, I will update you on instagram and facebook.

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Fit: Ideally, snug across the palms and a touch long in the fingers. As HAND SHOES stretch around palms and fingers, finger length will shrink some. Fit and flexibility come quickly with wear. Take your time; break them in. Our guarantee stands.


  • XS – fits women with medium hand and long fingers (size 9)

  • S – Ladies large and men's small (Size 9.5)

  • Ms- for a medium (Mens) hand with shorter fingers. (size 10)

  • Ml- for medium (Mens) hand with longer fingers. (Size 10.5)

  • L – Men's large. (Size 11)

  • XL – Men's larger. (Size 11.5)

  • XXL – Men's largest. (Size 12)

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what's next?

Care and feeding: Break your new HAND SHOES in with the boot dressing of your choice. Use oil to condition and soften; use wax to waterproof. Many products contain both. Too much wax conducts cold.

I like Nor-V-Gen® and Montana Pitch Blend®.

Condition your gloves anytime they get dry, especially after getting soaked. Avoid the quick-dry. You’ll be amazed at the abuse they can stand, but more care is better. And - don’t forget to put your name in them.


Our Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Rocky Mountain Hand Shoes, return them within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Feel free to return them worn. We sell broken in Hand Shoes for extra.

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