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finding the right size

This can be a challenge, but is important!

In the past, Bill has had great success with folks sending in a drawing of their hand.  This is still a good way to do it so if you feel compelled to send me a tracing of your hand, I will help you find the best fit.

That said, five years ago, I ordered a pair of size Large Hand Shoes from Bill.  Large is the most common hardware store and ski glove size that fits my hand comfortably.  I consider myself to have very average size hands with kind of short fingers.  Finding gloves that fit me is not hard. Bill sent me a size 10.5, which fit beautifully for many years.  When I purchased the company and had my pick from a giant barrel of beautiful gloves, I decided that a size 10 was a more perfect fit for me.  However, I still use my older 10.5’s regularly. 


All THAT said, here we go with the sizing chart:

  • XSfits women with medium hand and long fingers (size 9)

  • SLadies large and men's small (Size 9.5)

  • Ms- for a medium (Mens) hand with shorter fingers. (size 10)

  • Ml- for medium (Mens) hand with longer fingers. (Size 10.5)

    • This is the perfect size if you typically wear a large in most other gloves and have slightly longer fingers

  • L – Men's large. (Size 11)

    • Definitely would fit a meaty hand with long fingers

  • XL – Men's larger. (Size 11.5)

    • Just like the name says, this fits big hands with long fingers

  • XXL – Men's largest. (Size 12)

    • These are the big boys.  If you have trouble opening doors without breaking off the door knobs, this size is for you!

Don’t worry too much about getting the exact perfect half size, these are thick, heavy duty, outdoor work gloves and half sizes one way or the other are generally not noticeable. 


Keep in mind, the break in period has a lot to do with the fit of these gloves.  Just like buying a pair of high quality leather boots, the good fit comes in after time and use.

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